My Thoughts on the Band, the Upcoming Show, and How it Really is All About the Music, Man

Hello Rabbit Troopers, Andrew here…

First of all:

This Monday, April 30, 2012 at TT the Bear’s Place in Cambridge, MA at 8 pm.

Rabbit Troop Forever, Emily Peal, The La de Les, Bent Knee

Tickets on Sale now or at the door.


I’ve recently found myself philosophizing frequently on life, and more to the point, my life…and since Rabbit Troop Forever has a great deal to do with my life, I wanted to share my thoughts on the band.  To accomplish this, perhaps a long and drawn out background of the band, from my perspective of course, shall I explain….

As some of you know, Rabbit Troop Forever has a long history which predates the band.  Nick and I grew up together in Maine and started to jam in middle school.  We made some decent recordings and played some terrible shows in high school.  I originally started playing bass to get girls, which I found out is a horrible myth (heed my warning all of you youngsters out there).  Pat and Tim of course are brothers, and as Tim describes in one of our songs, ‘Gone Miles,’  “He (Pat) and I (Tim), we (Pat and Tim) have gone miles.”

Ancient history, but an important background to my philosophizing.  The four of us became good friends in college.  I remember the first time I met the Daceys, I was a Freshman in my first-ever ensemble class, and the brilliantly insane professor was writing chordal theory jargon all over the chalk board.  Having little theoretical education at the time I was so confused and scared, and Tim came over to me and was like “oh, he’s just moving the bass note around it’s no big deal (paraphrased).”  Instantly I felt better, and a friendship immediately ensued.

Anyway, college happened and we went off and did our own thing, but eventually we began creating music together (I was in Maine and the rest of RTF was in Mass) after deciding to start up a recording studio in Leominster in this wonderful empty machine shop that we have access to.  A couple years went by, and while we continued to work the recording studio, we also enjoyed our music.  I decided to move closer to the project, and by closer I mean that my room is now on the other side of Nick’s wall.  I was fortunate enough to get a 9-5 gig to make this happen.

So there you have it, a condensed history of Rabbit Troop Forever.  I appreciate the word “Forever” most of all, as it represents the tight-knit friendship we all have.  Rabbit Troop might end very soon, as a couple of the band members may leave the state for a while, but I’m confident that we will still be Rabbit Troop Forever in our hearts.  Perhaps it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.  The same is true in this instance for writing, self-producing and playing music that we are passionate about and then having the group split up, than never to have done it.  Our next project is to rerecord all of our music as well as finish recordings of songs that we haven’t released yet in an effort to capture this moment in time when Rabbit Troop Forever was in its heyday, when all we did was work the grind and create music…something that will truly last Forever.

So with that in mind, you are definitely going to want to attend the show on Monday, April 30 at TT the Bear’s Place in Cambridge at 8 pm, as you may witness history of Rabbit Troop’s last performance (at least for a while).  Who knows, maybe we will stay together, but the threat of us not will probably get you to go.  We’re playing with some real heavy hitters of the local music scene in Boston, a roster that humbles us, as they have actual fan followings and play out frequently.  Pat’s website,, is promoting the event, and Kudos to him for his passion for local music and community and harnessing the great energy of the local scene to fuel the show’s promotion and allure.  All bands are incredibly excited about this show as are their listeners, and I think Pat is a big reason for this.

I am most excited about the CD’s we will have at the show, a snapshot of where we are at in terms of our recordings.  There will be a limited supply, and you may pay anywhere from $0-$1,000,000 for a copy at the show.

Thanks for reading, hope you listen,


Rabbit Ears Up – Rabbit Paws In – Rabbit Troop Forever

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