3.2 Megapixel Play-By-Play of a Rabbit Troop Forever’s Epic Adventures

Hello Rabbit Troopers,

Andrew here.  Yesterday I bought new batteries for a digital camera I had from about 10 years ago….  It’s a pretty great camera, and it took some pretty great photos yesterday.  I feel that we look better with less megapixels.  Enjoy the following pictorial history of Rabbit Troop’s journey to band practice.

Andrew Awakens

8:00:00 am –   I awaken to a quiet house… I can’t sleep in anymore, and the two other *18b rabbits are sound in slumber.  I resist the urge to watch Netflix or play Skyrim and see an old camera bag from my youth.  I check it out, batteries shot.  A trip to the camera battery store ensues….

It Works

9:00:00amish -  After paying a couple extra dollars for a pre-charged reusable battery set, the camera works.  I take an artistic mirror-image self-portrait.  I wait several more hours for the others to awake….

Tim Checks In

11:13:01amish -  The other rabbit, Tim, telegraphs me via Facebook, inquiring into the status of the Troops.  The slumbering 18b-ers are arising, as I hear the shower running upstairs, and doors opening and closing.  The original plan – noon.  We push it back to whenever we are ready.

RTF’s Drug of Choice

Noon:thirty:00pmish -  The three 18b rabbits (Nick, Pat and myself) are all ready to go meet up with the fourth rabbit (Tim), and need to stop at Red Barn for coffee….  Addiction is a scary thing.  If the band ever makes it to stardom, we will surely be plagued with the usual story of sex, coffee, and rock ‘n roll.


1:16:00pmish – finally, we enter Leominster, the stomping ground for RTF’s practice space and recording studio.  It’s been a journey, and we are anxious to begin rehearsal.

Tim doing whatever it is that he does to set up....

1:30:00pmish – The four rabbits meet and start setting up….  Once the mics are plugged in and Nick’s drums are set up, we realize how hungry we are.  Before we begin practice, we must journey to Lando’s.

Pat annoyed with the 3.2 megapixel play-by-play

2:00:00pmish – I do want to mention that, at this point, the rest of the band is not on board with the 3.2 megapixel play by play, and make their negativity known en route to Lando’s.

Waiting for the food

2:15:00pmish – We finally take our takeout out to the car and drive back to the studio to eat and practice.

Pat: We Have a Problem

2:30:00pmish – As we exit the car, eager to eat, Pat announces, “we have a problem.”  We lack the necessary keys to enter our warm studio, the same studio where the necessary keys were enjoying the same indoor heat we lacked.  It’s a long story, but basically, it’s all Pat’s fault.

Awaiting Rescue

2:35:00pmish – Locked out and trapped outdoors, we await rescue.  A dark shadow looms over us.

Tailgating on Nick's Car

2:50:00pm – Spoiler alert, we tailgate on Nick’s spoiler.  This warms us as we wait.

Practice Begins

3:11:00pmish – We reenter the studio.  We are warm.  Practice begins, and we work on new music.  What did we play?  Stay tuned to our website to find out….

I hope you enjoyed Rabbit Troop’s first-ever 3.2 megapixel play-by-play.  If you get anything out of this blog post, I hope it is that it’s all about the journey.

* footnote:  18b is the house number of three of the four band members.

Rabbit ears up – Rabbit paws in – Rabbit Troop Forever.

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