Sounds cool... Rabbit Troop...

Rabbit Troop Forever is a group of self producing musicians from New England. The four members met at UMass Lowell where Nick and Tim studied Sound Recording Technology, Andrew and Pat studied Music Business. We hope you enjoy our music, website, and art. We dedicate as much as we can to our music and everything you hear and see is created by at least one of us.

Rabbit Troop has been working on their first album. Many of the songs produced on SBoF have been finely tuned and re-recorded for the upcoming album along with a boat load of never before heard songs. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with news on the album's progress and release.


Rabbit Ears Up!
All of our music can be found on our Bandcamp Page and is free to stream. All of our music is also availble to download, NAME YOUR PRICE. That includes $0.00, so please grab our music and take it along with you. We greatly appreciate support from our fans but would like all listeners to have access to our music. Currently our discography includes:
  • The Shop - Recordings from the shop
  • In the Loop (with Rabbit Troop) - A collection of loop based electronic songs created by various combinations of Rabbit Troop.
  • Rabbit Droppings - Extra Recordings by Rabbit Troop Forever, not all composed by or for Rabbit Troop. They're for fun.

Select Photos and Artwork
Rabbit Paws in! Local favorites...


  • Youtube
    Gone Miles set to Video from Skins [UK]

    This is a video compilation from the British television show Skins with the Rabbit Troop Track "Gone Miles"

    This song was written by Tim and is based on Season 2 of the Skins series. The video contains plot spoilers and was put together by Tim.
  • Youtube
    Gone Miles live

    At the Rosebud Diner June 2012

    This song was recorded to be a part of the auditions on the web series Explosion Bus.


Recording with Rabbit Troop

If you're looking for people to work with on a recording or production project we advise you to contact Rabbit Troop immediately. Using enhanced rabbit like ears and insane amounts of technical and musical experience we can help awake your aural dreamscapes. We prefer to work very closely with musicians to make sure we fully understand the music in your head so we can help bring it to life in the recording. Troopers Tim Dacey and Nick Allen are both members of the Audio Engineering Society ( and both have done work with Long View Farms Recording Studio. Nick obtained his Bachelors degree in Sound Recording Technology from UMass Lowell and has worked as an engineer with great bands such as Mean Creek and SOMEONE ELSE. Tim received his Masters Degree in Sound Recording Technology also from UMass Lowell and has been works as an audio technitian for webshows, podcasts, and extensive album projects.

We currently offer the following services to bands, songwriters, and musicians in (or willing to travel to) Massachusetts:

  • Songwriting/Arranging - We can do it for you or help you develop your own
  • Recording Engineering
  • Recording Production - Helping guide you in decisions regarding sounds, arrangement, mix, etc.
  • Mixing
  • Sound Editing
  • Effects development - If we don't have a certain effect, we can make a new one! (Max/MSP Programming)
  • Basic Mastering - Getting your CD ready for printing.

If you're interested in recording with us please contact us at: